Download CCleaner and clean your PC

Ccleaner is the ultimate application to make your Windows machine faster and more efficient than ever.

Ccleaner is a utility that removes temporary internet files from Windows. The main difference with other software is that it does so intelligently, making sure that no important information is lost. With Ccleaner, you can save space in a much safer way.

ccleaner screenshot

Windows, but faster:

One of the main advantages of CCleaner is that it also manages the Windows registry by removing those entries that cause errors and delays. In seconds you can enjoy a faster, more stable and accurate computer.

Lots of tools:

CCleaner has a large collection of additional tools to help you, including uninstaller programs, Windows startup optimizers, the option to suspend unnecessary services, make backups, securely delete files and more.

  • Features:
  • Removes temporary files.
  • Repair the Windows Registry.
  • Uninstall programs safely
  • Fix the Windows Startup sequence.
  • Secure deletion of files
  • Completely safe and stable.